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JD 4350 / 4240S - what to look for when buying used?

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I going to have a look at a JD 4350 4WD with 11000 hours.
This is same tractor as the 4240S, just newer with a little more hps (163 has this).
It got QuadRange transmission.
What to look for on these tractors?
Are there any known issues?
More pictures here:

Thanks in advance!


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I dunno, we've had 2 4240's with no real issues. The first one didn't have a cab and it was mostly used for loader work/ aka bulldozer. The one we still have has 7200 hours on it. Mostly use it for shredding.
Thanks! I just bought this tractor one hour ago, so I'll have to deal whatever comes...
I but I've checked around as good as I can, these tractors seems quite reliable.
This is built German but I think from American parts, so it should be the best from both sides of the Atlantic!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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