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JD 425 running rough

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Hi Gang - been lurking here since i bought used 425 in June. Ran rough right from the start (missing under load after 30 mins of work) but plugs, air and fuel filter seemed to much improve. Fast forward to last night, ran OK for 15 mins and then every time I hit a bump, it would miss. This went on for 1/2 hour untill the miss became very bad and when I tried to idle the motor it stalled and wouldn't restart unless I applied full fuel and choke, hasn't done this before but the miss never completely went away even after the plugs, etc.

Any thoughts before I send her to the shop? I'm handy with tools but not a small engine mechanic by any means.

Thanks - Jim
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With the issues that you are describing it could be a few things. The first thing that I would do is throw a spark checker on it and test for good CONSTANT spark, that will narrow it down between spark and fuel. You can take the carb. apart and clean it and rule out the fuel issue or see if that gives you any change. It can also be the plastic cam issue although your symptoms aren't exact for that issue OR time delay module. What year is your 425 to know if it has the plastic cam and how many hours are on it?
Where in PA are you located?

I'm in Chester County not far from Longwood Gardens, I'll check the srl. # and get the date (don't have it w/ me at work) but it's not all wheel steer, probably 93-94, but i'll double check.

Thanks for the shout back
This sounds too similar to my 425. Mine has been running rough at idle for about 2 years and couldn't find the trouble. Then this summer found that the intake manifold gasket was leaking a small amount of coolant into the cylinder on the lowest side of the tractor. Tractor hasn't run this good for many years.
Hope this helps. If you need more help please contact.
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