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JD 425 hydraulics not happy

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My JD 425 has 3804 hours on it. Most of the time she runs just fine... however... I went to use the loader and it wouldn't raise, tip, etc... Checked the hydraulic fluid and it was extremely low. So I went to the local deere dealer and got some and filled her up. Now the bucket will raise and lower, but it's VERY choppy. I have moved the tractor back and forth to try to get the fluid into the hydraulics. It's better, but not happy. Any insight, ideas, etc would be greatly appreciated.
Here is a link to a video - I tried to upload, but it's not allowed.

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Yes... no apparent issues with driving.
I would think the choppy action would indicate air in the system, or a bent ram.
How would I bleed the air out of the system? Just keep moving it?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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