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Hi...I am going to visit local JD shop next week to look at a 2004? 4210 with 275 hours/4WD/430 loader...just coming in on trade...originally sold by same dealer. Says stored inside and very clean.

Price is $13K

First...this seems like it might be a good "first" tractor...even if I believe I may want something a bit larger once I see what I actually use a tractor for? My potential uses are endless...but I have no real idea how much I will actually use it and may have a hard time spending to buy a 40+ HP machine w/all the attachments I may want.

If I buy for $13K with loader and add a box blade and a rotary cutter and then see what I do with it next summer...I could probably move up with the same dealer w/o losing much?

BTW...I have 120 acres of woods/3 acres of field/1 mile+ of trails that are to be my retirement project over the next few years...whether I actually find I enjoy all that I do not know

Back to the 4210...

1) What good an bad should I know about the 4210?

2) What current JD is it most similar to?

3) What add-ons should I be looking for that I will need to buy if they are not already there?

4) Your thoughts on price if it is as nice and clean as described?

5) What would I grow to regret (or find wanting) if I buy a 4210?

6) Does the 4210 share the same frame with the 4310...4410?
...may be the "entry point" I need?

I also now see a 2002 4310 1018 hours w/430 loader...owned by father of salesman at a different nearby dealer. Bucket shows small bends in top edge from using to lift with hooks welded on top of bucket...probably not a gig deal? Originally sold by dealer and traded for newer/larger. Can get all history.

Price a bit higher...$14.9K vs $13K for the similar 4210 with 275 hours.

It appears the 4310 has a bit larger frame...WB 69" on 4310 vs 65" on 4210...and I think I saw where the 4310 was a bit larger frame in general??

What are your thoughts on the 4210 w/ much lower hours and a lower price vs the 4310 w/still reasonable hours a larger frame?...and a higher price.

The 4210 is at the dealer I would get service from where the 4310 is about 200 miles away. Both are trades at dealer who originally sold them so have detail history and probably/maybe talk to former owner.

Thanks...Tom R

P.S. Also posted on TBN...sorry if redundant...TMR

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Uhm, I personally wouldn't go smaller than the 4310. I have an 2005 4310 (32HP), and I use it to maintain seven acres, 3.3 which are field and the rest is woods. It is adequate and nimble for that small of an acreage, but I know it would be undersized for anything much larger. 120 acres is much larger. I recently bought a 70+ acre parcel with rolling hills and oaks, and also got a 4520 (60 hp - big brother to the 4310), and it's a good fit.

If you ever consider a pto chipper, such as my wallenstein, you'll want the bigger tractor. Good luck and enjoy.

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A lot of owners thought the 4210 was a bit underpowered. The 4310 was one of Deere's best sellers. Today it would be the 3320. :)
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