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JD 420 wheels on a JD 318

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Hey all,

Does a JD 318 (23X10.50-12) have enough fender clearance for JD 420 wheels and tires (26x12x12)?

I don't use the 318 for mowing, just use the front end loader and rear box scrapper.
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Yep. Lots of guys do it.
I've heard some guys shim the fender pans, and others say it's not really needed.
Don't need to shim, but it's not a bad idea to do that....:fing32:
FYI, your tractor will have a slight slant, since the wheels on a 420 are also larger in the front.
Might I ask - what benefit would be provided by using 420 tires on a 318 ?
Might I ask - what benefit would be provided by using 420 tires on a 318 ?
They look cool, you get approx. 1.5" more ground clearance, and some folks believe that a larger footprint equals more traction (I won't start an argument, but let's get out the old high school physics book).
Ok, it's for looks. :greendr:
I prefer the rims off the 425/455 on the rear vs the 420/430 rims. That offset works better on the 318.
Another question. Is the front spindle size the same? In other words will a 400,420 or430 front rim fit on my 318? Here are some pics
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Believe so, just watch the year models involved. The metric rims will not go on the 1 inch axles.
Yes they will fit and no they won't fit. Here is the things you need to look for. What year is your 318? Or basically-does it have metric or SAE spindles? Newer is metric. I know my first year 1987 332 is metric but I don't know what year they started metric. The 420/430 fall into the same limbo as the 318 with having two hubs.

Next-you will need to put stops on from what I have heard so it doesn't hit your frame or cylinder when turning all the way. But if you work those issues out then you are good to go.

My question-how do you have the cab with loader controls? More pictures of that please?
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Coalminer, hey, sorry for being so late replying. I got the wheels on and even went with a slightly larger wheel. 18.5x8.5-8 and a 6 ply. Here are some picks showing the cab. I had to do a little cutting on the brake side to fit around the loader frame and had to run one hydro line through a hole.


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