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JD 420 barn find

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While I’m generally a skeptic of old tractors with unusually low hours, this one looks like it may have some legitimacy to it.


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My guess is that unless some JD zealot (none in this forum:sidelaugh) with a wallet full of cash just has to have it, $4500 for the package will be fair.

While truth and accuracy may be stretched a bit in the ad info, it is in exceptional condition and the blower is mint, although it has been used a time or two.
Well don't have the Money anymore Just Bought a Tektite Cab for My 2025R. But still would Not touch it for $6,000(maybe if it was in fully restored condition and the attachments were In excellent condition I would Pay that):thThumbsU
Sergeant- any pics of your new cab? I quickly went through the JD CUT/SCUT forums but didn’t see any.

Last spring an X7xx series OTC cab was for sale nearby me. $500. New was $1300. I wasn’t inclined to drive two hours so I passed. Needless to say, I’m now regretting my decision.
That is one slick setup!
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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