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JD 420 barn find

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While I’m generally a skeptic of old tractors with unusually low hours, this one looks like it may have some legitimacy to it.


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Well don't have the Money anymore Just Bought a Tektite Cab for My 2025R. But still would Not touch it for $6,000(maybe if it was in fully restored condition and the attachments were In excellent condition I would Pay that):thThumbsU
Sergeant- any pics of your new cab? I quickly went through the JD CUT/SCUT forums but didn’t see any.

Last spring an X7xx series OTC cab was for sale nearby me. $500. New was $1300. I wasn’t inclined to drive two hours so I passed. Needless to say, I’m now regretting my decision.
Well I won't Get the Cab for 2 Months But here is what it will look like. Might be some Minor Changes from these Pictures as My Cab will be Backhoe compatible

I will not Have the side Mirrors or rear wiper as I don't think I will need them But I Can order them later if Needed

Here is my configuration

1. Custom Green Paint

2. Front Worklights Included in Price

3. Quick Disconnect Heater Kit

4. Front Wiper Included in price

5. Front Wiper Washer

6. Additional On/Off Rocker Switch

7. Defrost Fan Kit

8. Jensen AM/FM Radio

9. Water Heater


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