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JD 400 buying option

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Unfortunately my grandfather has just passed away. I have the option to buy his JD 400 from my grandmother, which I am sure i can get for a great price. My grandfather completely restored this tractor to perfect condition, and added a new motor. The tractor is setup with a plow and a hard top cab. I want the tractor to be setup with a snowblower. I am pretty handy, but I want to make sure I can get a snowblower for this model before I purchase it. I would like to setup the snowblower with electric switches to avoid having to turn a crank to switch the chute direction. Does anyone know what my options are?
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The two-stage model 47 snowblowers made for the 420/430 tractors require only very minor, add-on, modifications to fit onto a 400. I had one mounted on a 400 a few years ago.
The 400 frame is wider at the bottom (where the lower mounts hook onto the blower) than the 420/430. A small steel strap, with three appropriately drilled holes, is required on each side. I think the bolt holes were there on the blower. In lower right of picture. The 47 is all hydraulic.
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A 50 single stage would be fine if you find one. This is just an alternative.


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