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JD 400 buying option

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Unfortunately my grandfather has just passed away. I have the option to buy his JD 400 from my grandmother, which I am sure i can get for a great price. My grandfather completely restored this tractor to perfect condition, and added a new motor. The tractor is setup with a plow and a hard top cab. I want the tractor to be setup with a snowblower. I am pretty handy, but I want to make sure I can get a snowblower for this model before I purchase it. I would like to setup the snowblower with electric switches to avoid having to turn a crank to switch the chute direction. Does anyone know what my options are?
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I recently became the owner of a John Deere 400. It is a great tractor with lots of capability. With that said, the attachments are hard to come by because they are not interchangeable with other models. The attachments made for the 400 were ONLY made for the 400 and thus are rare. The rarity also increases the price.

The snowblower made for the 400 was a single-stage 46" with hydraulic lift and hydraulic chute rotation (so this solves the issue of getting off the tractor).

If the price is right on the 400, I say it's a no-brainer. If you are patient, you will come across the attachments. If you aren't patient, you may also have luck converting a snowblower for one of the newer models by modifying the mount and finding the appropriate length drive shaft.

On another note, the hard cabs are worth as much or more than the tractor in some cases. Post pictures if you get it!
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The standard snowblower for the 400 is a Model 50. It plugs into the onboard hydraulic system front ports for raising/lowering and directing the chute. No switches needed-easy control levers to move-no cranking. The 50 is a single stage snowblower but works pretty darn well. There are snowblowers to be found.

Sorry about your grandfather. Hope you get his pristine 400 and keep his legacy going! Jay
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The two-stage model 47 snowblowers made for the 420/430 tractors require only very minor, add-on, modifications to fit onto a 400. I had one mounted on a 400 a few years ago.
^^^what type of mods were needed to make it work? Is everything hydraulic like the model for the 400?

if you look up member maineiacmoose he might have a 50 blower he is willing to sell. the 50 blower for a 400 is all hydraulic. I did just recently earn there was a retrofit kit offered when the 47 blower came out to mount it on a 400. they are huge and require alot of ballast. if you don't get much of the coastal wet snow it might be more hassle then its worth, plus they sell for alot more the 50 blowers, even though the 47's are slightly more plentiful.
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The 400 frame is wider at the bottom (where the lower mounts hook onto the blower) than the 420/430. A small steel strap, with three appropriately drilled holes, is required on each side. I think the bolt holes were there on the blower. In lower right of picture. The 47 is all hydraulic.
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A 50 single stage would be fine if you find one. This is just an alternative.


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Just get the model 50. Much cheaper and can handle any snow. The 47 two stage is much too large.
Well, if you don't want it put me in touch with grandma...I have cash in hand.
get it!
Ok guys thanks for the advice, I think I am going to go for it!!
Ok guys thanks for the advice, I think I am going to go for it!!
At-a-boy! :thThumbsU
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