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I bought my 3320 with cab, eHydro, and front mount 59” snowblower in 2008 to clear my 800’ sidehill StayMat driveway. Now has ~440 hours. I generally run ~1800 rpm in speed range A, using the foot speed control to avoid the engine lugging or the blower packing up.

In late December, going up a slight rise in the driveway, the drive stopped - I thought I bumped the seat-side A-N-B-C selector lever into N. It felt like it had slipped out of gear - as if it had a conventional gearbox. Put it into B, and it worked. Back into A and finished the driveway. Checked all fluids, all OK. About 10 days ago, it (the eHydro) stopped twice more. The second time, I found the machine would just barely creep forward if I pressed the speed pedal to the floor. The eHydro would kick back in with a bump - but not a metallic clunk. Like really low on fluid. Checked, fluids almost at full line.

2 days ago, did the same, but I noticed that the tach dropped to ~600 RPM on the dash during this event, while the engine ran on as normal, and the 4-way flashers slowed. Healed itself again in a few seconds, tach back to 1800 and 4-ways normal. One day it may not get better!

Dealership carried it away and cannot diagnose this transient problem. I’m thinking it’s electrical. Probably not a short circuit, as something would be smoking. Likely a loose ground wire, broken wire in a harness, or...

has anyone had this experience? Suggestions?
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