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JD 325 : Won't turn engine when trying to start

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Bought a used 1996 JD 325 with 17HP Kawasaki single cylinder engine late in the mowing season in 2016.
Used it without issue in late '16 and all of '17.

As time went on during this mowing year, I noticed that it was getting harder to start....definitely appeared to be a low battery issue.
Checked the battery, and it did need a charge, so I checked the level in the cells and put it on the charger overnight.
No readily accepted the charge, and held it.

Now, though, even with the battery consistently holding 12.3 VDC, it got to where it would not turn the motor, at all.
Engaged the solenoid, but would not even try to start the mower.

I assumed it was likely a bad solenoid or starter, since the battery always showed appropriate voltage (and I was in a hurry), so I bought a new solenoid+starter.

Exact same issue after installing the new starter.

The mower will crank/start when I connect either a batter pack, or use jumper cables to connect to my truck battery, and I can mow for as long as I want after it starts, without long as I don't turn the mower off.

Does this sound like a bad battery? Maybe a bad cell?
Or something worse......?

Thanks in advance
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Did you check battery connections especially where the ground cable connects to the frame?

Walt Conner
Sure sounds to me like the battery. Take it to Advanced auto and have them test it.
when addin water to a battery use only distilled water... I get the highest CCA batteries from our Bomgarrs farm store.. they r the 350 CCA ones.. I get 5-6 years use from them.. the 180 CCA batteries give u about 2-3 years use..

also check the bolts that hold the engine to the frame..
I bet if you measure the voltage while trying to start you will find it is well bellow your current measurement.

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......Now, though, even with the battery consistently holding 12.3 VDC, it got to where it would not turn the motor, at all.........
A fully charged battery is 12.6V.
Give the battery a good charge and get it load tested.
IF you measured the voltage with a cheap HF meter, don't trust it. Check meter with 1.5V battery to see if it reads 1.5V.

I don't know about Kawasaki regarding valve adjustment/compression release.
Briggs OHV engines require proper valve lash for the CR to function. Maybe someone else knows?
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Could also be the battery cables are rotting from the inside out. Bad connections.
a properly charged battery should read 13.75 volts
if im thinking right

Each cell is 2.1 volts in a perfect world. That converts to 12.6 volts.
I think watching what voltage does when you try and start will tell the tale...... My bet is, it will drop off like a stone when you hit the key.
Fo the Newbies.. This is a good example of why we are so against just throwing new part$ at a problem. At least check here first. :tango_face_wink:

Always ............ cheapest easiest hardest most expensive
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