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JD 317 Mowing Decks.

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Hello. My JD 317 mowing deck has had it. It is a model number H048 48" with so many rust holes in it you could throw a cat through them. I was given a deck from another 317. It has a model nunber of M00596 48". They look the same however the M00596 looks like it was built heavier and also has gauge wheel in the front of the deck as well as in the rear. The old deck only had gauge wheels in the rear. Has anyone done a swap like this? Any advice? Thanks in advance.
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You might have to change the arms to the frame but from the same model GT I wouldn't think it necessary. Should pin right up with maybe some adjustment to the tension on the mule drive.
Thanks guys, I think it will work out OK also. I was lucky to have found a more solid deck.
Mower decks seem to be everywhere.. If ya wear that one out no worries.. There will be another one near by.. Good luck with your mower... Should be a simple swap over..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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