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JD 317 for $700

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Doesn't this sound like a good deal? Not mine and not really looking for one but isn't his price low?

Twin Cylinder seventeen horsepower engine with low hours ( has a later replacement two cylinder engine in tractor).

Hydrostatic transmission works great and reacts with good response, great tractor to invest in a deck for mowing with use of hydrostatic transmission.

Designed for the bigger 46 inch mower deck, with hydraulic deck lift on tractor already.

Used one year.

All hydraulics work excellently on this tractor, which is equipped for hydraulic lift and angle. Four hydraulic couplers for hydraulic hookup in front of tractor are included.

Live power take-off (pto) on front of engine with pto pulley for running belt-driven, front mounted equipment.

Engine tuned up within the last six months, new transmission cooler fan blade, new fuel filter and air filter.

Front metal grille in front of engine was missing when purchased.

Engine muffler is burned out.

Wheel weights and chains are not included with tractor

Overall, tractor runs real good and hydraulics work well
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There's lots of other ways I'd spend $700.
I just paid 300 for one in much better condition, it didn't come with a deck either but I have the one from my 314 that I can put on it.
I know the muffler will cost 80-100
Grill will be what ever you can get one for at least 60
The metal piece is missing on the front that goes below the grill, the "bumper"
seat is cracked there is another 100.00
First you would need to find out if it has a serirs I or series II engine in it. I wouldn't pay $1.00 for one with the series I engine in it, you'd have to repower it pretty soon! Sounds like it's had some rough use and even with a series II engine I would want to stay at or below $500.00
Says it has a "later 2 cylinder replacement engine", so you don't know what engine it has at all.
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