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JD 316 repower questions

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I am installing the SEW repower for my '78 316. Going ok so far but I have a few questions (the SEW instructions are unclear). 1 - Do I continue to use the solenoid on the tractor? The instructions simply say to hook up the positive battery cable to the starter - not sure about that. Would I hook it up as before, + battery cable to one terminal on the solenoid and the starter cable to the other terminal? 2 - Does anyone have a picture of the throttle hook up? I am a little unclear, looking at the circular portion and rotating it, it doesn't appear to move the throttle lever past halfway. May need adjusting I guess.

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I am considering repowering my 314 and am interested in how this is working out on your 316. I was looking for feedback or reviews from SEW but got nothing. Please let me know.
YES!! you must use the starter solenoid.
As an update, SEW called me back and answered my questions. Hooked it up to the solenoid, figured out the throttle connection (somewhat counterintuitive) and it fired up. Runs good. Spending the next few nights (if I get a free minute) to route cables and wires then get the hood and side panels on. Engine install went great and wiring is simple.
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What is SEW??
oh, didnt know that.
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