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JD 314 Hydrostat Problems (Help Anyone?)

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Hey all. I recently purchased an older JD314 as a fun rebuild project. It smoked a little and leaked a little hydrostatic fluid right off the bat. I did the rebuild a couple months after I bought it and everything seemed to work fine until I started to notice a huge decrease in power that would occur after the engine had warmed up. A few weeks later, I discovered my tractor sitting in a pool of hydrostatic fluid.

Could my power loss problem be related to a failing hydrostat, or are these most likely separate issues?

Also, does anyone know if these hydrostats can be rebuilt / have access to a service manual?

Any suggestions would be helpful.
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It leaked a little, then leaked big time.

Not to insult you, but is it possible you induced the leak? Retrace your steps. Not certain what the 314's hydro filter looks like but if you changed it, and accidentally left the old gasket on the hydro that would explain a big leak. But yes, to repeat everyone else, the leak must be addressed first.
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