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JD 300 project

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I bought a 300 with a broken rod awhileago that has a snowblower,54" 4 way blade,rototiller,cast iron wheel weights and chains.The more i looked at it I decided to get it running and use it instead of dividing the package.I sourced a low hour rebuild off of Cl, had to change the oilpan but got it running and drove it around the house to find I had an oil leak.It didnt leak til I changed to the cast aluminum oil pan for the 300.Gonna pull the motor back out and see whats up.Hope to post pics when I get it running.
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:wwp: hurry up on them there. i started drooling a bit when i read this!:lalala:
run a straight edge on your aluminum oil pan to see if it's warped. Take it to a machine shop and have them shave it to a flat surface.
I ran a straight edge this afternoon.the pan was pretty straight but there are threaded insete by the bolt hole and it looks as if someone snugged a bolt in there a little too tight.I filed it smooth and used a thicker gasket material with silicone.should do the trick.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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