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JD 30 Hyd tiller and 48 Mech tiller manufacture locations?

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Where were these two tillers made? Is there a general SN information out there that would apply to these implements. I have one that I can read for my Model 47 snow blower but don't know if it applies. It matters at least if it was made in the USA or not since myself and another are buying these accross the boarder. If made in the USA it is cheaper as the taxes have been paid when new. :thanku:
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The Deere Hydraulic tiller are Made In House as Well as the PTO driven Tillers in United states Some were Made In Horricon, WI and Other Locations. The Frontier Tillers & equipment are Made By Woods But Woods is a subsidiary or Deere except for the Fontier walk Behind Snow Blower/Throwers were Made By MTD some Gear Boxs For Lawn & Garden tractor attachmnets are Made In Spain:thThumbsU
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