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JD 265, Warning to Kawasaki Single Engine owners!

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I thought this was only a Kohler engine problem, but to my surprise!
My JD 265 with FC540V Kawasaki engine wouldn't start today. Didn't fire at all. Ran flawlessly yesterday. The first thing I checked was the choke, Bingo! The choke plate was out of place and one of the brass screws was missing, the second screw is 3/4 out but still holding. I can see that the missing screw is not in the intake, so it has gone into the engine.
I pulled the plug and scoped the inside with my cheap amazon computer bore scope. Couldn't see the entire piston crown, maybe 75% or so. Looks good to me! Can see several spots where the carbon has been knocked loose, doesn't look serious. I will replace both screws and just run it. Probably lucky those weren't stainless screws!
Does locktite work for brass into steel? Is there a better way to secure these little devils?
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Had somewhat the same thing happen to a Bolens twin only it was one of the four screws holding the breather on the carburetor. Engine was running fine then all of a sudden I lost a cylinder. Pulled the head and one of the the four screws had lodged in the exhaust valve between the valve seats. The top of the head had a nice dimpled texture to it, clean as a whistle too LOL. Pulled the bolt out, put a new head gasket on and all was good. The four screws on the breather I retapped to the next size to clean up the thread and used Loctite, never had a problem..................Mike
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