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jd 214???

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I found one locally that has a tiller, snowblower, cab and a 48 inch deck for $1200.

Does this seem decent what should i look for on it if i go look at it?


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For Ontario that is a good price, but your area that may be high... Is it hydraulic lift, electric lift, lift assist, have wheel weights, tiller extentions, hard or soft side cab.... All of which will change the value of the machine. Plus, as always condition rules...:fing32:

I would say go for a look. Follow your classified ads in your area regularly to educate yourself of prices. Lastly if this is not your machine... there will be others that follow. Choose wisely. :D
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Depending on condition, it is a good price.

IF: all the pieces are there for the tiller...
: the cab is in good condition
: the tractor runs well without smoke after startup, under a load, and the variator works as its supposed to.

If you have pictures, that would help in an assessment.
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i called and spoke with the gentleman. He will be getting me pics as soon as possible.

He said the motor was rebuilt about 3 years ago, repainted about 2 years ago and the cab is a hard home made cab.
If he has receipts for the engine work, that is a very good deal, imo.
If it was professionally rebuilt, cab and rest of tractor in pristine shape with electric or hydraulic lift then it might be worth the price. You can get 214's around here in working shape with deck for $350 - $500 with electric or manual lift $600 - $800. So a cab would be worth maybe another $350 - $400, now if it comes with weights, chains or other attachments not listed then it would be a better deal.

Sorry missed the tiller and snowblower on the first read, that would make it a good deal if everything is in good shape!
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