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JD 214, Blade lift and snow thrower lift assembly the same?

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I have a snow-thrower and just bought a front blade for my 1987 214.
2 Questions:

1. I don't have the long rod i.e. lift kit that attaches under the tractor back to the lift mechanism. I need one but will it work for both the blade and the thrower. I

2. Is it worth getting the lift helper spring and what can I expect to pay for one?
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Yes, it works on both. The lift helper spring is nice to have but can live out. There was some for sale on weekend freedom machine site also come up for sale on ebay. they sell for 20.00 to 40.00 you need one for the 110 or 112 sf or 200 series.
Upon further inspection (duh) turns out I have everything I need sans the helper spring.
I couldn't see the trees, the forrest was in the way.
The helper spring sells for an incredible price most of the time. I've seen them go from $120 - $250. If you got a good left arm you can live without it and use the Armstrong lift! The blower can be a bear though when it gets packed with wet snow!
I do the armstrong method. The blower isn't heavy at all. I hear the tiller is a workout, though. If I found one of those, I think the spring would be necessary, but the blower and blade are light. I lift the blower probably 15-20 times when I do snow removal at home over an hours time, and it doesn't get bothersome.
Since everything is relative, I'm 6'3", 285 lbs. I've had enough wet snow in the blower to make me "work" at lifting it. Mind you I'm not in the shape I was in 15 years ago but it did take some effort. I like the 318 with smart, not hard!
I think I will stick with the Armstrong lift kit for now ;) saw one on evilbay for 150.00 OBO. hmmm paid 250 for the tractor, mower, powerflo, and thrower...

picking up the front blade tomorrow can't wait. will post pictures
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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