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Hello All,
To start this is my first JD project so please keep that in mind. As the subject states I have a '85 JD 212. I just completed the rebuild of the motor and have everything back together. The motor, after tweaking and fiddling with the carb and throttle spring, is running great! No problem hauling around the yard without the PTO engaged. The issue is when I engage the PTO to run the 38" mower deck the motor really bogs down. It won't stall with the PTO on and moving in gear but its close and has a hard time going up a slight incline. To not overheat and damage the fresh motor rebuild I stopped my test run/cut.

I have adjusted the air/fuel mix under load and the plug looks good, also don't think it is a fuel issue either (good flow and new pump). I did some research last night and haven't check the spindles on the deck to see if they are shot which is first on the list for tonight...they do sound a bit noisy but again this being my first JD not sure how loud the decks are supposed to be. No squeaking but it does sound rough. You folks have any other suggestions of things to check or look for?

The PTO belt is brand new and there is no binding anywhere, also checked the routing and it is correct. The tensioner is tight as well, I assume that should be pretty snug and tight...

The PTO bearing was replaced within the past few years by the previous owner as well.

Thanks all for the help.
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