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JD 210 Starter issues

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I have a JD 210, with a snowblower on it. I am having issues with my starter not working. When I turn the key, it clicks, and the lights dim, but the starter won't work. I saw on other posts to try "jumping" the starter, but either I did it wrong, or I'm screwed.
I can't afford to take it in, so I need your help.:banghead3
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My tractor was doing the same thing and it turned out to be the ignition switch, so I jiggled the key and it works perfect now. Try this first
Ok, sounds to me like a weak battery, which tend to manifest themselves in the winter anyways. I just replaced mine on the 322 for the same reason! If not a weak battery it may be that the bendix on the starter is not working. I always put a few drops of oil on the bendix shaft after a wash and when using in below freezing weather. Takes just a second or two!
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Oh, I must have tried over 100 times to get it to move, and nothing yet.
Bendix shaft? Do you mean the shaft ON the starter?
The battery is 2 months old, and just in case, I used a jumper box, and tried jumping it off my car. I thought it was that too.
Bendix shaft? Do you mean the shaft ON the starter?
Yep, he did. Lube it up.
I tried the lube...still nothing. It kinda moves when I turn the key...about .5 mm
I'm thinking a bad ground on the starter or solenoid then. Also check your battery cables and both ends of the ground cable.
Well, it was a bad starter. I just finally replaced it, and now I'm back in business. Too bad for my brother-in-law that stored his Ahrens tractor in my garage, since it had the same engine, and starter. Lol.

Thanks everyone for your help
i have a john deere 212 rider i just put in a new starter selnoid.wont start with the key have to jump the starter. it will start but the starter will disengage but will continue to run what could the problem be
My guess since you replaced the solenoid is that the starter switch is bad.
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