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JD 145 Automatic questions

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I have the opportunity to pick up a JD 145 Auto for cheap. It runs but the PTO clutch is not functioning.

I think I can get it for around $200. Is it worth it?

I would like to find a snow plow for it to clear my personal driveway with, is a plow available for that tractor and can it handle it?

I currently own a Simplicity SunStar 20 that I plow with and like it but I don ot have a mower deck for it.

I know this JD is no comparison to the SS but will it be a good reliable mower that can push some snow around?
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Thanks deereguy, I will see what it needs when I get it home. I might be able to flip it and then buy a deck for the SS. I know that on some of the PTO clutches the air gap can be adjusted if it doesn't engage. Could it be that on this model?
So the owner finally got back to me Friday and he wants $400 for it. It runs and drives perfect. It has some paint peeling issues at the footrests and fenders. It does have the bagger with it, spare tubes, and oil change kit.

It needs a PTO clutch.

Is it worth $400?
It is worth it. Go for it

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Thanks! My son is a grad of VT:fing32:
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