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Jd 140

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Hello to All, I have the chance to purchase a fantastic condition JD 140. Very low hours, profesionally reconditioned with a front plow only for attachments. Looks brand new.... I have seen but not yet heard her run... I am told she runs strong and oil free. She was redone about 10 years ago. Was run very little for those last 10 years. Has been stored inside and covered with tarp and has seen little daylight... I almost choked when I saw it... It was his dads, been in the family since new at about 1970. He is considering the sale and price at the moment. My question is, what would be a reasonable price for this tractor. It is I have stated, flawless...

Thank you,

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Would also make a difference if it is an H-1 or H-3 (spools of hydraulics, 3 levers is the H-3) H-1 I would give about $500 - $700, H-3 $800 - $1000.
Location will have a lot to do with price on this. There was an H-1 sold in my town last week in good shape for $400!
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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