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JD 110 snow blower attachment

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I'm looking at a snowblower attachment on Saturday
The description is a bit lacking and I dont want to come home with something that won't fit. I was hoping to get some feedback as to what I should be looking for.

Can anyone help a new guy out?

Also looking for a good source for belts and rear wheel chains. Also how does one measure for chains.

Thanks in advance

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That snowblower will fit a round fender tractor('63-'67 110/112). If your looking for a square fender snowblower ('68-'87), you'll need the adapter bracket that I and a few other members have, or just a different blower.

For the chains, you'll have to get the tire size and take it to TSC or and find the right pair(get 2 link chains).

Get all your belts from JD. Spending a few extra bucks for one JD belt will save you a lot more $$$ than buying cheap belts 5× as often.
I have the 74 square fender with hydraulics, not sure if that factors in the attachment. So what is the attachment that I need and are they hard to come by?
Deisel: Love your truck. I have a 42 wc48 - 42 wc12 - 42 wc and a 46-47 1 ton canopy. All mid restoration

The blower you should look for is a 37 or 37A.

The truck is not mine, but I have one similar to it; a 1947 WF-31 1-1/2 ton dump truck.
The blower you should look for is a 37 or 37A.
Correct. And to add just a bit more info for the o.p., the blower in the Craigslist link at the beginning of this thread is a Model 36.
Thanks guys

There are 2 37a blowers on CL. $300.00 I guess i'm spending a bit more

Diesel: I'm guessing thats Paul Christensens truck. Nice resto and nice guy
Yes it is. '46 1 ton pickup.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the other blower was a 36.
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