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Jd 1025r ran out of fuel

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I had the assistant pastor borrow my tractor to plow the parking lot this morning. He accidently ran the tractor out of fuel. He refilled the tractor. My brother called me this morning saying he ran it out of fuel. I was thinking a simple reprime the fuel system. Uh, no!
I fought it for three hours. Even broke the injector lines loose and fuel did go through them. But still no start. I had to have the tractor towed home. Any help is appreated.
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when I was servicing 2 stroke detroits sometimes I would apply a slight amount of air pressure to the fuel tank while cranking to help get the fuel moving to and through the injection pump! be careful if you try it I was dealing with aluminium tanks,not plastic!
Yeah careful about pressurizing tanks. I don’t know if the 1024R has them or not, but I’ve blown gas lines off barb fittings with air pressure doing that. I’m not saying don’t do it, just be careful is all.
If you are sure the system is bled per the manual, you might try introducing propane gas (from a non lit hand held torch, valve fully open) into the air intake. Keep cranking the starter while introducing the gas for 10-15 seconds, or sooner. Much safer than ether. I use this method often on my old 2cyl when it's started under 20F.
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Did you fill the filter with fuel then bleed the air out, and if that doesn't let it start then bleeding the injectors should have let it start.
open the drain on the water filter
now have someone turn it over
now is time for the injector lines

Thanks for the posts guys. There is no drain on the filter seperator. Im starting to think the diesel he refilled it with was bad. Im going to put a new fuel filter, and filter seperator this weekend. And ill remove the fuel and put fresh stuff in the tank and see how that turns out.
Smell it maybe he put gasoline in it.
When I replaced fuel lines & rinsed out tank on my X595. The way I got the fuel back up to engine was with a brake bleeding kit, I removed fuel supply line right before injection pump & hooked up vacuum pump and catch jar & started pumping. once fuel was up to injection pump it still took a crank or two, however, we were up and running.
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Some of the fuel does smell like gasoline. Ill be draining all the fuel out this weekend. Thanks for the priming info. Ill let you all know how it turns out. This is the last time someone else fuels my tractor up. Just me or my brother.
Well, i drained all the fuel and replaced both fuel filters and primed the fuel system and It wont start. Its going back to john deere.?
come back and tell us what was wrong

If it did have gasoline in it there could be internal damage to the injection pump. You should find out for sure from the assistant pastor.
It was gasoline. Ill let you know when john deere finds out what happened.
It was gasoline. Ill let you know when john deere finds out what happened.
No good deed goes unpunished! :tango_face_sad:
Ouch! Please do give us an update after all things are resolved. And maybe the Assistant Pastor work up a sermon on the subject of knowing one's limitations.
Ill let you all know what happened. He feels horrible about it.

That could be serious regarding the injector pump.
Sorry to hear of the troubles. Gas in a diesel doesn't sound good.... Any idea how long he ran it if at all like that?
I think he tried starting it after he refueled it. He called my brother and he tried to get it running,then my brother called me. I was at home getting over the flu.
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