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JCP/Lawnboy 4square steelie frankemower

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Okay. Here it is, in all it's ugly glory. Had it not been free I woulndn't have taken it. The PO had handle mounts welded on because the deck broke out from the years of kid use. Still runs and mows but it's no beauty queen.

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Its ugly, but kinda strange and seems few have survived, or rusted out long ago. I hope to at least mow with it once.....

Thanks for the info Timber.
i just noticed that the pull rope used to be on the left side of the handle. and that the recoil is in the correct position. Very odd. That must mess up the rope pretty quick
EXACTLY!!!! Seems like something craftsman would do or Murray......but LB, come on.

Its missing the correct LB rear wheels, Im not sure it matters to me that much.....maybe if I find some cheap/free.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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