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JCP/Lawnboy 4square steelie frankemower

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Okay. Here it is, in all it's ugly glory. Had it not been free I woulndn't have taken it. The PO had handle mounts welded on because the deck broke out from the years of kid use. Still runs and mows but it's no beauty queen.

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Wow! Very cool! I didn't know that Lawn-Boy made mowers with that style deck for JC Penney.
According to the Lawn-Boy parts viewer, that engine is original to the 0425.....


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And, it is a model year 1985. Here are the product features from the Lawn-Boy parts viewer. Strang, it says tat the 0425 is equiped with capstan self-propel! (How is that possible with that Briggs!?):Disgus: Must be a typo. That 0425 of yours, knightrider, seems original, except for the handle modification. Another rare Lawn-Boy!

Product features from the parts viewer:

Feature List Model Number 0425A
Model Year 1985
Beginning Serial # D00000001
Ending Serial # D99999999
Product Name Lawnmower
Product Brand Lawn-Boy
Product Type Walk Behind Mowers
Product Series Walk Power Mower, J.C. Penney
Chassis Type Steel Deck WPM
Swath 21 inch
Discharge Mulcher
Safety System Zone Start
Engine/Motor Manufacturer Briggs & Stratton
Engine/Motor Model # 110702-3186-01
Engine/Motor Type 4 Cycle
Engine Starter Recoil
Transmission Manufacturer Lawn-Boy
Transmission Model # NA
Transmission Speed 1 Speed
Transmission Type Capstan
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Maybe a Briggs with a side PTO?
I don't see that on the parts viewer or knightrider's mower. And how could a side PTO have capstan?:hide:
Its ugly, but kinda strange and seems few have survived, or rusted out long ago. I hope to at least mow with it once.....

Thanks for the info Timber.
No problem knightrider, I wouldn't mind having one of these myself.....
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