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Jari Sickle Bar Mowers

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Hello all. I have A LOT of blackberry, old forsythia, and brambles to cut; the thickest of which is probably 1.5". I wanted to purchase a brush mower but mowers such as DR's, Billy Goats, and Simplicity are pretty steep; even a used Billy Goat is around $900 in my area (which is Westchester County, NY). I've seen a bunch of Jari sickle bar mowers for sale anywehre from $150 to $275, mostly the 3 HP version. I have two questions about these mowers:

1. Do they still manufacture/make parts for these? If I bought one, am I buying something that is going to be a pain in the arse to find parts for if/when I have to fix it?

2. Will it be strong enough to cut the above mentioned brush?

Thanks for all your help!
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other than an axe, bow saw, and a long handled limb lopper and a cythe about the best choice is a DR Brush and field mower or a tractor and a shredder like a Bush hog or a Kingkutter or simular rotary brush cutter. Maybe you could find someone with a tractor and shredder to work by the hour. From my experiance a sickle mower isn't what you need. First it won't cut saplings or brush, and if it did it just lays it over and you have to rake it up and haul it off, a shredder will chop it up and scatter it around.
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