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Jari Sickle Bar Mowers

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Hello all. I have A LOT of blackberry, old forsythia, and brambles to cut; the thickest of which is probably 1.5". I wanted to purchase a brush mower but mowers such as DR's, Billy Goats, and Simplicity are pretty steep; even a used Billy Goat is around $900 in my area (which is Westchester County, NY). I've seen a bunch of Jari sickle bar mowers for sale anywehre from $150 to $275, mostly the 3 HP version. I have two questions about these mowers:

1. Do they still manufacture/make parts for these? If I bought one, am I buying something that is going to be a pain in the arse to find parts for if/when I have to fix it?

2. Will it be strong enough to cut the above mentioned brush?

Thanks for all your help!
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I don't think it would handle the larger stuff, especially 1" diameter and larger. That would stress any type mower, except for maybe a bushhog PTO-driven type.

Never heard or seen a Jari, but they seem similar, after looking at website) to the Gravely type sickle bar mowers.

Maybe someone else has a better solution or better answer. Myself, I would cut the larger brush by hand if not too much and then go in with a mower to clean up the rest.
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