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January 2012 Breaks Heat, Cold, Snow and Tornado Records

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It's been quite the active start to the year 2012 so far. No matter whether you like warm or cold, chasing storms or skiing there is a place for you to visit that's broken a record to your liking. :fing32:
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As an avid snowmobiler the warm weather up here really hasn't been to my liking..:crybaby: I haven't even taken it off the trailer this season..:banghead3
Sounds like your past due for a road trip to colder and whiter land. :fing32:
Not to mention drought....
Oddly, I mowed a whopping total of 3 times in 2011. Normally I don't / can't keep track. Even more odd, and I've never done this before, I mowed on New Years Eve and last Saturday. Who mows in the wintertime? I've never, and now this year I've done it twice! We've been blessed with a little rain lately, but combined with unusually warm weather and I need to mow?! Strange indeed...
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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