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Jacobson help..p-p-p-p-pleeeese????

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I have been offered a Jacobson Javelin Mark III 1966 model and I need to see a picture of one before I drive 70 miles to pick it up..I guess I should get it anyway since he wants only $60 for it,,,but no deck...anyone have a pic or a link to a picture..I have searched but no avail!!!:banghead3
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I have know..too dark, no camera..but he drives it around. There is a MARK II on here and I see a pic of a 1963, just wonder how close they are to it....I am picking up a FORD LT8G Friday in his area so I plan to drop by...just hope this is not the "Ugly Duckling" I think it might be...

For $60, It might just be added to the collection

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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