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that i want to sell - not sure if posting this in this forum is kopesetic with board rules, so if not, my apologies.

It's complete with valves, camshaft, governor housing and radiator cap block

I'm selling it for a friend who was actually my first boss when i was 16, at a Saab/Datsun/BMW dealership in the 60s/70s - he's not computer "literate"

i took the cylinder head by the local NAPA machine shop for guaging - and have the receipt showing the head was "under .002" - above .004" they recommend re-surfacing - so it's goog to do as is.

If interested - give me a call at 804-502-0449 - i'm in RIchmond, Virginia, so please no calls after 9:00PM EST

tks in advance
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