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Its heart transplant time

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Welllllll Here we go... Pics and explanation to follow within the hour.
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I'm exited to see the project. If you can throw up a youtube video. I would love to see a diesel transplant in action.
here are some some pics of the pre fitment. It looks like its gunna fit like a glove. The only thing thats gunna be a little tricky is cutting and mounting an adapter to the output shaft.

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Yep the new engine has almost the exact overall height.
I will be following this with much interest. Please fill us in on all the fine details!
What kind of PTO are you going to use up front?
What does this motor weigh?
The motor weighs about 150lbs... atleast thats what the shipping label said. I REALLY want to use the stock pto off the Onan if at all possible.
By the looks of things I'm not sure you can fit a stock PTO in there without lengthening the frame.
By the looks of things I'm not sure you can fit a stock PTO in there without lengthening the frame.
LOL pics are deceiving. I am going to have plenty of room.I need to cut the output shaft off. But once I do that the overall length is going to be almost exactly the same length as the ONAN
Where did you end up getting this engine from?

I'm considering the same and wondering price with shipping :thThumbsU.... if you don't mind sharing:thanku:
Engine was off ebay came outa WI and I dont remember the shipping $100 ish
Have thought about how you are going to plumb up the exhaust system yet?Also the air cleaner will present some issues I think.:fing32:
Very interesting looking engine. What make and model is it? What was the original intended application for it?

I have a 10 HP China diesel that I am planning on putting in a 224 over the next month. It appears like your engine has a lower profile that the single cylinder diesel engine that I have. I don't think I am in any danger of fitting my diesel engine under the hood of my 224. Below is a picture of my engine. I have not had an opportunity to pull the old engine and test fit this yet.

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Well my wife and I had my families Christmas yesterday and were having Her Family Christmas tomorrow.Sooooo MERRY CHRISTMAS to me. Entire day at the shop. Got alot done.

Prepped and ready to go

Sorry forgot to take pics of the new bracket before it was installed

Engine mocked in place

Brackets unfriendly

Brackets Friendly

All done and installed. All that is missing it the front PTO

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quite cool. interested in engine make model and power as well. 2 cylinder air cooled diesels definitely look to be an easier swap.
Would love to see a video of it powering that blower! looks like a walk behind you converted?
That blower is off a ariens htc16 ( 32" I believe ) I widened it to 52".

No vid of the blower im still fabbing up the front pto. Ill post a couple pics later tonight of the front pto.
love diesel.
interesting ghost busters ignition module.
2 things I noticed , 1: where is the blower shroud? That engine needs it to stay cool, looks like a Lombardi diesel to me, and if it is, it needs the blower housing or it will sieze up when it gets hot.
2; you may want to turn the idle up, as it shouldn't sound like its missing a beat, it can over fuel a cylinder doing that and crack a piston,or worse damage the crank or rods.
It should purr like a kitty.
Nice job ,and should make a super fine mill! I just love diesels ;)
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Very cool videos dude!:thanku: You are making me want to get started on my swap ASAP:banghead3 Keep up the good work!
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