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For the first time in many years, this H14 1456 is actually running!

Replaced all the wiring (because I accidentally pulled it all out), got a new tire, new belts, changed the ancient oil, installed the correct spark plug, and actually drove it around the yard. Oh man, that felt good.

The hydro drive is wonderful. I much prefer the foot-rocker compared to grinding gears. To be fair, my other tractor is a newer MTD Wal-mart cheapie with gear reverse, and you have to really muscle the shifter to make it move. I have never tried a good gear tractor.

Pretty much everything on it is new to me, and pretty much every nut and bolt was frozen on. I think even the oil drain plug was installed by Donkey Kong.

Now the real work begins. Tighten up the steering, adjust all linkages and belts, replace the ignition switch, and maybe even try the tiller and hydraulic lift.

I really appreciate all the help and advice from this group! Thank you very much!
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