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It's about time

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Hi everyone it's been a while since I was on these forums.Last year we were going to buy a new Massey 1529 around august but things happened and we had to put the tractor purchase off for a while.Well im proud to say that I went to the dealer yesterday and paid in full for a brand new massey 1529 hydro with loader.I also purchased a Farm King 84 inch heavy duty ss rear blade and a Jolly 180 72 inch rear discharge finishing mower.We were hopeing to get this last year so we would have it for this winter (last winter was the worst since the seventies) but this year has had very little snow so the wait hasn't been to bad.Deleivery is due sometime between the 13th and 17th of this month.Here in Alberta we can get snow in May so it's safe to say we still have a ways to go before old man winter heads out of town and that equals lots of seat time for me in the comming months to learn blade usage with.These next 2 weeks are going to take forever to pass.I will include pics when I get it home.......Mike
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Congrats! :thThumbsU
Congrats and were looking forward to some pics when you get it. slkpk
Congrats! Look forward to the pics.
Without pics, it didn't happen! :)

Enjoy and congrats!
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