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It"s on it's way

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Look at the weather forecast, Oklahoma and Texas have more snow than they know what to do with right now. And the good part about this is that it is moving N.E. so many of y'all will see it within the next day or so. So have fun with it.

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Yep, we are do up to 4 inches. Problem, Wife has to have Surgery in Joplin tomorrow, so I will be over there all day. Tuesday it will probably melt. :trink40:
Woke up this morning to grass covered snow....It is melting as we speak...:thThumbsU

Remember the record 12" 0n Feb 12, 2010 ??


Started to melt that afternoon and was gone the next day!!! :trink40:

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Were supposed to get that today with an 80% chance. Figures I got to leave for Chicago later today. slkpk
we are getting snow at this moment, maybe a half inch so far, 3 expected. then after noon, sleet and freezing rain to freezing drizzle tonight. should be gone in 24 hours.
We got a little over two inches of snow, a small amount of ice pellets,sleet and rain.
Its 32 degrees now, the warmest of the day. The roads were slick in spots most of the day. I wreckered 7 vehicals today 4 were weather related, like spin outs into the ditches. one hit a tree. Glad its over , might be in the 50's the rest of the week.Rain Wed. As they say here"Welcome to the Ozarks" If you dont like the weather, wait around a little while , It will change!
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Looks like I'm next inline. Current forecast is half inch by morning and 1-2" total. With a high of 39°F I don't see it hanging around long if we even get that much. So far only a "Special Weather Statement" has been posted for the area.
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