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It Runs!

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Bought a basket Case (literally) about 2 months ago, had sat outside for a couple years and was sort of abused before that. 75 444, has a deck, sleeve hitch (tho missing the lift arm) and rear hydraulics. Missing the starter/generator, brackets, wiring looked like a drunk got carried away at Radio Shack. Tore the carb off, gas tank out, and everything in between, gave up trying to "fix" the existing wiring and threw it all away, started from scratch. New coil, points, condensor, found a generator and had it rebuilt, fuel line, filter, and every wire in it, new ignition switch, rebuilt the carb... Threw some gas in it tonight, turned the key and after a few cranks for the pump to pick up the gas it fired right up. Now... no brakes, I guess that's the next project, along with changing every bit of fluid that is in it. Engine seems to throttle up way too high, blowing black smoke at full throttle so I guess some fine tuning is due here. Boy does that old Kohler shake! Guess I'm used to my Kawasaki John Deere or my 181 in my RF 110... This thing is more like the old John Deere tractors that we had when I was a kid. What's next everyone? Now that it's up and running where do I start with the fine tuning operation? Anything I should be paying close attention to? First Case (little one anyway, had an SC on the farm) so getting used to this hydraulic drive and operation is going to take a bit.

Your suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated...

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Go to the Kohler web site and down load the manuals for your engine. It will helpyou get it running correctly.
I suggest you download the parts manual for the tractor from Ingersoll if you haven't already and purchasing an owner's manual would be a good idea--they're available at a reasonable price from an Ingersoll dealer.

When you get ready to change the hydraulic fluid make sure you use 15w-40 motor oil--NOT hydraulic fluid.
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