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It ain't OEM, but it's mine!

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Picked this up on the way home yesterday from work for $25.00


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Neat design. Looks like you could have it on and off in a minute.
Yes, I'm going to try to modify it to mount to the 3 pt for the rear and retain the current quick pins for the front. It weighs about 50 lbs itself and it has 1/4 inch diamond plate for the bottom and sides are 1/8 in. plate steel. It is 15" w x 12" l x 15" h. I'm planning on making a removeable concrete block for in it so I can use the "bucket" in the summer to carry things!
D-Dogg, you can move this to parts and accessories, I should have thought about that before posting!
I'll have to ask one of this forums moderators - I don't have the ability here.

It's up to you really. It's for a JD GT, and we post blades, weight brackets, bumpers, etc. in here.
Makes no difference to me! But I've seen some moved before so it's not a problem if it's moved!
Great find. A little sanding and some paint it will look like new again. slkpk
Nice find!
That's a good find. It would cost you more than $25 in steel to make it. :thThumbsU
Guy had it in his front yard with a plow for an LX series and a rear bagging system. I was amazed it hadn't sold for a couple of weeks so I thought I'd ask. Couldn't believe the price! I agree Snotrocket, the steel alone right now would be at least that price!
looks like the mounting system is well designed. what do you think the capacity is?
I'm thinking that it should be around about 150 lbs. The right pin is bent just a little so I'll have to straighten it! It should fit on the front of the 318 into the pinholes. I have my blade on right now so I didn't have a chance to test it.
are you going to beef it up at all?
Yes, going to set it up for the 3 pt. for the rear. I'm thinking about creating some type of stacking interlocking cement blocks for on/in it so I can vary the weight. I'd like to get about 200 lbs on the back. That, wheel weights,loaded tires and a cab ought to do the trick!
upon looking at the pics again, the arms that hitch up look somewhat flimsy. will you add a heavier stock to it?
I don't expect to put much in it if I front mount it. I'll probably try them out the way they. Since it weighs about 50 I think I'd only use about another 50 lbs up front if I ever get a rear ground engaging implement! If I need more I have a front weight bracket that'll hold 7 suitcase weights!
sounds like all the bases are covered!
Nice weight box! You certainly got a good price.:thThumbsU
Cut the arms off the box, going to drill two holes in the sides and put Cat 0 pins and have the neighbor weld up the top pin location for me. That should let me use it this winter, I want to fill it and hang 4 suitcase weights off the back! I think about 400 lbs with the weights if I can find some steel to fill the box, if not it's going to get concrete in it which should give me about 300 with the weights.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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