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Zero turn mowers have become increasingly popular. Homeowners and professionals alike enjoy the many benefits that these mowers offer. Still, the fellas here have heard more and more complaints that these mowers leave marks in the grass when turning.

Folks, your mowers are fine. The rear tires on your zero turn mowers, however, may not be.

Traction is cool. Trust us, we get it. But you need to understand it’s that “traction” that is making those marks and killing your lawn. The desire for maximum traction has led some people to actually put ATV tires on their mowers. This is not something we generally recommend. What we do recommend is that you buy tires that provide the traction you really need.

If you’re tasked with mowing the grassy side of a mountain, we completely agree that you will need the most aggressive tread you can find and if you leave a few marks, so be it. But, if your property only boasts modest hills, your zero turn mower tires should have a tread pattern more like the pictures below.


This is the aptly named Carlisle Turf Saver, one of our most popular choices.

If you need even more traction, and your mower has the room, the HD Field Trax can take a shot at that mountain.

If have any questions about choosing the right tire for your mower, you can always give us a call at (888) 847-3832

Or, just visit us at :thThumbsU
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