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Is this worth dragging from the weeds?

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First what the **** is it? Second is it worth the back break to even move it from that spot?

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yes it's worth dragging out of the weeds. it's a '62-'64 model, such as 702. the deck looks solid, at least the part you can see in the pics. lots of good parts on it. i'd drag it home if the price was right!
You can drag that right to my house if you'd like.
Look in the weeds... The hood and belt covers just might be hideing there...
Definately worth dragging out and hunting around for parts that might
still be there in the weeds.
No engine and the trans may be bad, I don't know. But it's worth the parts if you want to resale it.
Looks like a 502 to me. Flat front axle mount and rare tool box insert for the battery tray. Of course since it was a welded steel box that's been in the open for years, it's probably shot. Pretty sure those were only on the 502 and the 633, and the flat front end would mean it's a 62 tractor. Also has the original shifter that was not bent to fit around the HY-2. Plenty of salvageable parts.... drag it out for sure!!
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tranny locked. Deck locked. Still worth anything?
tranny locked. Deck locked. Still worth anything?
Always worth something. Give the man a C note and take it home son, take it home. If you re-build it, they will come.......
Looks like the tires hold air:thThumbsU
One mans junk is another man's treasure..........
If you're into restoration, then yes, haul it on outta there.

That should be free... look behind you, probably no one else standing with cash in hand.
That tractor needs alot of parts, how accessible are they? And approx. cost to restore? Would he be looking at 100's or what? I don't know, just asking.
That tractor needs alot of parts, how accessible are they? And approx. cost to restore? Would he be looking at 100's or what? I don't know, just asking.
I'll give you an idea. My restoration is approximately 3C as it stands right now, not including my time of course. But I had all the parts I needed, except the engine and some covers, after purchasing the parts tractor from 63Panzer. Any restoration is going to cost you hundreds, even if you have all the parts in hand. Mind you I said "restoration", not "refresh". I consider what I am doing to be a true restoration. If one is not doing the work that I am doing, it is most certainly a refresh.

Add replacement part costs added to $500 and that'll give you your true cost if you put in the sweat equity. When you pay someone else to do it, usually anywhere from 30/hr and up, you get real salty, real quick.
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"YTranny locked & deck locked" might mean they are scrap--or the brake might simply be rusted and stuck,and an easy fix to free up..deck bearings could be rusted solid too,but they arent too costly and can be replaced..

I say if its cheap you could get it,you may get lucky and be able to salvage it,but if its more than say,40-50 bucks,I'd let it rust there...its a LOT of work,even though it might not cost much for parts,your time is worth something too..I have dragged worse home myself, and made a running tractor out of them,but I have the time and most of them were "get that hunk of junk out of here and its yours" type of deals..
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Maybe I'm a rare bird.... But have seen so many of these, "it only needs a few parts", projects.

So next thing you know it moves from the bushes to a garage or yard to remain until there until the neighbors complain about your place looking like a junk yard.... Your call.:goodl:
if nothing else theres a lot of parts there for your next old wheel horse.i save parts and shelve what i can.
If one counts the time in a resto job what else is there to do ?
and if youre counting money well you darn cant take it with you I dont think.
and if you dont have the time dont collect
If you dont have the money go to wallmart them 999.00 jobs run good for ???
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