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It really depends on your year, model and make of tractor. You are really relying on the members telepathic powers with your post above.

The stator will fit the John Deere 316 & 318 Onan powered tractors, manufactured from 1983 to 1991.

FYI: If you find the John Deere part number, for Onan engine parts, take the "HE" away from the part number to reveal the actual Onan part number. Example: the JD part# for the 318 stator is HE191-1276. The Onan part# is 191-1276.

Looks like you will save yourself a good chunk of change by buying it from the link. :fing32:

I hope this helps.

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your B43G should have 191-1276. (102.00 list)
it is the REAL 20 amp stator.
all of the B43G i have on site have them
the stator segments are .620 wide
the other one is .410 wide.
SO you get what you pay for.
my prices are 1/2 or less. of new.
thank you boomer (the used onan engine parts guy)
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