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Is this the proper place?

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I just bought an '83 Honda 200E ATC and I'm looking for some help.

It runs ok, idles a bit high as the clutch is always engaged it seems like. It's been sitting a while but started right up on the old gas and ran... so-so... Now it will run fine though with new gas.

I don't know how to work these carbs. How do I lower the idle speed?

Also it wants choke---full choke to run. I'm guessing it's running lean. Where's the mixture screws to adjust the mixture?

I cleaned the carb this morning and it made a difference, but still having the above issues.

I will get a video of it in the next hour or so, got some other things to do first.



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I'll try those screws.

The throttle bobbing in the beginning is me trying to keep it going as it's rather cold blooded. Here's the video though.
Tomorrow I will try to adjust it some more. So far all I've achieved is got it running long enough to warm up, and a little better idle. It runs ok at higher throttle positions. I can zip around the backyard and get going pretty darn fast. Well... At least my mum thought it was fast and yelled at me to slow down or go buy a helmet. It still wants choke. I'm thinking it has to do with the other screw on the underside of the carb. I can't find any of my small screw drivers.

Before I do any driving with it I'm going to need to adjust the brakes. Right now I only have front brakes, and those barely hold it from rolling.
Ok... Here's where I'm at.

This morning: wouldn't run with anything less than half choke and had to be warmed up to run on anything less than full choke. I cleaned it again, moved the carb settings to specs, and tried to start it. Got nothing more than a pop here and there pulling it over. So I take it all back apart, cleaned it again and went through every passage in it. I unscrewed the underside screw a half turn and it started. How ever it wouldn't run to save it's self from the scrap yard. I let it sit.

Came back to it, took it all apart and cleaned it again and tried spec settings It ran ok, with full choke. I let it warm up and slowly lowered it from full choke to half choke before it died. So I got it started again and let it run for 10 minutes while I checked the radar to see where our snow is. came outside, and was surprised it wasn't stolen. It was still running. Started playing with it and tried some different things, still runs rough. Now it will idle with only a hair of choke. I played with it a little more and now it idles well enough that a screw driver wont fall of the seat with in a second.

I'm going to order a new one of those parts that go up and down inside the carb, it's a little chewed up where the adjusting screw touches it. I'm also going to look for a new muffler. I all game for a tractor muffler, but not on the three wheeler.
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