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Is this the proper place?

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I just bought an '83 Honda 200E ATC and I'm looking for some help.

It runs ok, idles a bit high as the clutch is always engaged it seems like. It's been sitting a while but started right up on the old gas and ran... so-so... Now it will run fine though with new gas.

I don't know how to work these carbs. How do I lower the idle speed?

Also it wants choke---full choke to run. I'm guessing it's running lean. Where's the mixture screws to adjust the mixture?

I cleaned the carb this morning and it made a difference, but still having the above issues.

I will get a video of it in the next hour or so, got some other things to do first.



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This is the proper place, so yes :fing32:

Thats all I can answer. :sorry1:
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