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Is this s good repower option?

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I hope this is the right place to ask this question. If not please move it accordingly.

I have an older craftsman 24" two stage snowblower that has a lot of engine issues -- smokes a lot and hard to start. Original engine is a 7 hp Tecumseh. I think its time to repower rather than going through the trouble of fixing it.

Is this engine from HF powerful enough? Any thoughts on this Chinese engine? I figured for the price, it might be worth a shot.

Thx for the help
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Maybe :dunno:
but I would look into engines that are listed for snow blowers especially if kept unheated storage. I know my newer no longer used one was hard to start when cold, thank god for the electric starter :fing32:
I have heard a couple of good comments about these. I don't have direct experience with them though. The one thing that I would be careful of when buying one of these is service life. A Honda GX engine may be rated for let's say 500 hours. These are most likely good for 100 hours max. That may not sound like much but taking into consideration that you may use a snowblower 10 hours a year....maybe, that is ten years of service.
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Also, see if it has provisions for carburetor heat.
Does the snowblower require a PTO? If so this will not work. I would also question how well it would work in cold weather.
Bought the engine from Harbor Freight and installed it yesterday. It is a direct fit no modifications needed -- the whole installation literally took 15 mins. I can not believe everything matched up being that this is probably a 25 - 30 year old snowblower. The new motor started in 2 pulls, idles great and has plenty power. I had some leftover pile of icey snow and it threw it a great distance. Too bad we don't have a lot of snow this year so can test this new motor for a extented period of time.

Will post pics soon. I'm planning of painting the blower this summer.
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