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Is this a Simplicity?

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This ia a MW Garden Mark 7-1/4.
Model ZQS 89-1241.
Engine is a B&S 19D
The tractor is apart right now, but here are the pics from the owners manual.
I would also like to know the year it was made. Nothing on the owners manual.

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I dont think it is, looks more like someone cloned the original cub cadet but with a sidewise mounted engine. The mower deck reminds me of the first cub cadet deck. If it was a simplicity, it would be a full floating mower deck with the roller across the back of the deck, and most likely shaft driven to a bevel gear box. Not sure who actualy produced it, there were so many small companies back then.
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I don't think so. Simp's orientated there engine differently. Crank went lengthwise with the frame to a bevel gearbox etc.
Looks like a David Bradley (suburban) to me.
its a springfield built tractor.
Thanks everyone.
I just found some information on simple tractors forum about the relationship between Simplicity and M.W.
After WWII, Simplicity made all kinds of products for MW, including garden tractors.
This continued until about 1965, when Allis Chalmers bought out Simplicity.
Apparantly other makers also sold to MW too. HHMMMM!!!
I love a good mystery.
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yes both simplicity and gilson built tractors for wards.the tractor pictured is a gilson built wards tractor,these same tractors also wore springfield,burns and penfield badges thru the 60's.if you do a search on ebay you will come up with some ads and manuals.if you search the garden tractor pics at yesterdaystractors you will find several pictures there with the different badging.i had a burns a few years ago.
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New pic 1966 gilson wards
Other than yours having fenders, that sure looks like the old girl. :thThumbsU
Thanks everyone
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