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is this a good pullin tractor

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would a Sears FF 20 be pretty good for pulling. What mods should be done. And also how do you change hydro to gear drive?
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The ff is a shaft drive hydro, so you would have to get some sort of transmission to go in front of the 2 spd rear. Honestly the sunstrand (i believe) hydro is extremely strong, and will spin the tires. My 400 has the same transmission and a similar engine, and they will both push or pull alot. If I were you and wanted a grear drive I wouldn't tear into a hydro ff. they are worth allot with the hydro, and are tanks. a sears or pulling guy may give better info.
I wouldn't try pulling with a hydro. The hydro transmission can use up to 6 horsepower just to operate it alone. Also the prolonged heavy load caused from pulling will make that hydro so hot the paint will smoke, I've seen it before and they don't last long after that.
I've never seen a hydro pulling tractor that did any good.
I would look for a gear drive Cub to pull with and save that Sears for working at home.
how about a suburban 12?
Everyone has their favorite brand of tractor and that's okay. Variety makes things more interesting. Just take whaterever machine you want and stick a CC trans in it. No one has to know!
I've seen lots of Cubs with Wheel Horse, Massey, John Deere and about any other brand sheet metal on them. Most of them look great too.
I have nothing against any other brand. I own several brands, and started pulling with a Wheel Horse, but to be competitive I switched to a Cub.
I think that would be a much better choice for a stock class pulling tractor. They're pretty tough old tractors.
how about a suburban 12?
Well, heres a solution i did, i built a franken cub....Used a Narrow frame cub and chopped EVERYTHING off it...then swapped on a sears body... ive got it rolling but havent finished it yet...
Ok well i got a cub cadet 70 and i decided to get a bolens 1225 hydro. For a pulling tractor i was thinking the 12 horse motor in the cub or take the cc gear drive trany and putting it in the bolens what do i do?
Use the cub frame, and throw the bolens body on u have the best of both worlds! Hydro isnt a good idea since heat burns them might do good for 2 pulls or it might last all year and then go poof and its done...
sounds like a plan
Btw I REALLY like the design of you franken cub
About the FF20. Did Sears/Roper even make a manual transmission for that.
I don't think so. That would be sweet though.
About the FF20. Did Sears/Roper even make a manual transmission for that.
take out the hydro unit and drop in a cub standard shift, it would be the easiest thing to do, and you would have kept 90% of the Sears ;)
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