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Here I made two more pictures of this coil - I tried to make them from the flywheel side so "yellow electronic pick up unit" will be visible. There is kind of quick connector (especially visible on the 2nd picture), isn't it for the coil. I mean, CAN POSSIBLY NEW ELCTRONIC COIL WORK IN PAIR WITH MAGNETO? I don't understansd much in electrical issues, just kind of not right to have possibly working condenser and not to use it.

If they don't work together, does really electronic coil have actual advantage over magneto?
The conversion is described at the Briggs and Stratton site (Retrofitting an Older Ignition Armature): - Repairs

The primary advantage of eliminating the condensor and points is that you no longer have to clean the points; those points require frequent maintenance when they're in use to remove corrosion from their faces.

I don't see the quick connector in your pictures. With this conversion you should only have two wires coming from the coil: the spark plug wire (obvious) and the black kill wire. When the kill wire is grounded to the engine it stops the spark, and that's all there is to it. If anything else doesn't seem right then you should double-check Briggs' documentation to see if the conversion is wired properly.

If everything seems to be wired properly then you have a bad coil; a replacement is around $25. The coil part number is based on the HP of the engine; for single cylinder engines there are only three different coils available.
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