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Is there a snow thrower attachment for a 12-38xl?

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Is there a snow thrower attachment for the Wheelhorse 12-38xl? I currently have the mower, and Im trying to find a mower/snow thrower combination...and if theres a snow thrower attachment, I might go that route. I do have a snow blade, but question if theres sufficient speed, power to push the snow on a long driveway.
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Im trying to find a mower/snow thrower combination..
Never heard of that combination? Anyway, Toro doesn't list a snow thrower for it but that's not saying that someone hasn't put one on theirs. Good luck.
Ya know, looking at how the plow mounts, it looks as though a blower could use the same mounting bracket and the same type raise/lower control arm.
Next problem to solve would be how to make a vertical shaft engine run onto a vertical pulley. My series 200 Wheel Horse does this with a full length frame. but with the smaller rear wheels of the 12-38, clearance might be a problem. The factory does supply wheel chains for the pusher plow, so it might be possible.
Anything is possible.
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