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Is, the price right?

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Hey all, I've been lookin for a CUT in my price range. Which of coarse, is cheap!

I found a 80's JD 930/ with a 80 loader bucket and a 6' JD brush hog. The tractor is in excellent mechanical condition. The only thing thats a little rough is the hood (pretty fair dent).

The fella said, he didn't need it anymore, and didn't want it to just sit in the barn. He is the second owner.
He wants $5500 for it. Is this a fair price?

I'd be usin it for brushhoggin and general loader use , movin dirt, spreadin gravel, ect.

Thanks for any input:thanku:
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Hey Ironmower,

I'm not familiar with the 930?? There is a 920 and 940 but I'm a little confused about the model you've listed. Probably our other members who are (smarter :D) more familiar can help you out.

Do you mean the 950? How many hours are on the tractor?
Sorry It took so long to reply back, bin roofin.

I looked at it again on friday. It's a 930, I'm not familar with all the model numbers. The numbers haven't bin changed. Maybe it's older than '80s?

It has 4246 hrs on it. It's pretty much a plane-jane tractor. 2-wheel drive, with power steering. I used it friday to load the old craftsman GT, that he gave me.

Dealer told me it was worth 5 grand without the loader or brush hog??

Always seems, I find the odd-ball models......
Don't know really anything about this tractor, but did a search and found this:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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